Monday, May 11, 2009

An Owl has landed!!

Today i got home to find an Owl waiting for me!!

there was a letter there, and many awesome packages

then i opened them all up.  i thought i as going to carefully unwrap them, but no, i totally ripped the paper :)

the chocolate frog is already in my tummy :)  there was also there a Dove bar, some awesome tea, Bertie Botts ice cream themed beans, awesome brittny birch needles, a stitch holder and an adorable mini stitch holder (no more using safety pins for me yay!) and needle ends.  Also a gorgeous bag and yarnd lef over form it, glorious yarn to make Ravenclaw socks and some wicked cool thin lace yarn.  And best of all, a binder with patterns and space for MORE patterns!!

wow, awesome!!  Thank you Phelicia!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

End of term

I can't believe the term is over! I will be going home for a few weeks, but then i will be back for summer camp! This place is too awesome to be away from for the whole summer! Hope to see lots of you then!