Monday, August 10, 2009

i got spoiled!

wow, i got home from a week of camping (and held mail) and what do i see? a package!!!

here are pics:

first was a nice letter and two shawl patterns!

then came the many wrapped things :)

and here they all are laid out!

look at all the loot! pretty yarn and a book and a notebook and soap and candy and needles and crochet hooks and stitchmarkers and a really spiffy yarn-holder bowl!

here is the bowl. that is just TOO AWESOME!

and now for a mystery. ther eis alos this nifty looking thing... what is it?

Thank you Patonga!!


  1. ooooh! huh. imake so many shawls and i wear them a lot and i think it has never occured to me to pin them. huh :) yay experiments!

  2. What a great kit! I'm about to make a shawl and didn't even think about a shawl pin...LOL Thanks for the reminder! ;)

  3. Totally cool! I LOVE that bowl! I would like more information about that bowl! Was it handmade for you? Was it purchased somewhere by your spoiler? Hmmmm ... totally interested. Very cool. Lovely pin, too.

  4. I got the bowl at

  5. I adore that bowl. I am sorely tempted to take that link and add it to my wishlist. It's very very cool.

  6. Cass, Please be sure to blog by tomorrow evening. :-) Since I don't have you as blogged last week, it is extra important for this week.
    Thank you!