Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homework! - a work in progress

still to do...
Hagrid's Rock Cakes

I will be updating these as i get to them. unfortunately, or well, fortunately, my friend who is becoming the Queen in the SCA is getting coronated Saturday so my time is really spoken for in terms of crafts. i must finish two henry 7 time period dresses by then...

here is my marker. he is a little purple cat from japan.

here are the materials for a Time Turner

Presto Temporum!
and here is the time turner done

here are the materials for a Remembrall

Poorus Executus!
and here is the finished Remembrall!

Materials for a snitch

and now Yarnus Modificantus! and here is a Golden Snitch!

Everything for a Decoy Detonator

and then Flora Tappus! and we have a Decoy Detonator

raw materials

and now Vesselus Dentata! a nose biting teacup

some raw materials

and then Occulus Detectum! we get Specterspecs!

more as things develop


  1. I love your transfigurations!!! That does seem to be an unusually large snitch, though...did it get hit by a random engorgement charm? ;)

  2. you know, it may have at that. it might just be the pink wings :)